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Jazz, Latin Jazz and more

A unique experience for amateur musicians

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The “Musictours LTD” offers tourists a combination of everything that our fascinating and beautiful country offers (following the Bible, holy places, extraordinary history, diverse landscapes, world-class culinary art, culture, technology and more), with local musical experiences:

A unique experienceMusic Retreat:

a long weekend of jazz/Latin music from morning to night, as part of an all-inclusive trip, that takes place in a lovely 4 stars hotel.

If you are an amateur player, with paying skills and passionate about jazz, we invite you to participate in our Jazz or Latin music retreats, for a long and intense weekend of music, instructed by leading top level Israeli musicians. This weekend is all about playing in ensembles, in jam sessions, in improvisation workshops and master classes, as well as performances of both, the participants, and the instructors.

If you are not a player, but a music fan, you can still participate as a listener in the rehearsals, master classes, and various performances and combine it with a fascinating tour in Israel.

עמיקם קימלמן - צילום עידו באוברג

The program is led by our musical director, Mr. Amikam Kimelman

Examples of other musical activities:

  1. The Big Tish – a performance and sing along around tables of Israeli, Hasidic and folk songs.

  2. In August- Karmiel Dance Festival in the Upper Galilee
  3. In August – The International Kleizmer Festival in the city of Safed in the Upper Galilee.
  4. Local musical and cultural activities, depending on the time of the trip.

And more..


Tzafrir Shifrut has over 20 years of experience in the world of tourism, specializing in planning exotic and geographical trips for independent travellers, and has close business relationships with multiple tourism companies around the world.

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Jazz Retreat​

Jazz Retreat​ Musical Tours in Israel is proud to present! Jazz Retreat Musical director- Amikam Kimelman A joyful and intense weekend, full of ensemble playing,

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