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Musictours - Tours with passion and music making

Stop life race for a long weekend (Thursday-Saturday) and join ”Music Retreat” to focus on playing, learning, and enrichment.

In “Music Retreats” we are enthusiastic about music and believe that It has the power to heal and change.

We create a unique experience for amateur musicians with different skill levels.

Our retreats take place in a peaceful and inspiring environment where musicians can connect to create, cooperate, and learn from each other.

Information about our teacher

Our music retreat lasts 3 days and takes place in a suitable hotel.
While you play, your spouse, who does not play, can enjoy a guided trip in the hotel area.

The SY DREAMS Group is engaged in:

      • Outgoing tourist activities (using “Tsafrir Tracks”).
      • In foreign tourism and interior tourism, which combines trips and music with a different approach
        (through the “Musictours”).
      • In music retreats – long weekend of study and enrichment for amateur players from Israel and abroad,
        under the guidance and teaching of the best musicians in Israel

Tzafrir Shifrut

Tzafrir has over 20 years of experience in the tourism world. He is specialized in planning exotic and geographical trips to independent passengers,

Tzafrir has close business relationships with multiple tourist companies in the world.

עמיקם קימלמן - צילום עידו באוברג

Amikam Kimmelman

The musical director of “Musictours”. Saxophonist, composer, and producer. He was a student of Mel Keller.
A graduate of the Robin Academy of Music at the University of Tel Aviv and of Berklee College of Music in Boston, the USA.

Played, composed and arranged for Yael Levy, Gerry Eckstein, Yehrarm Gaon, ‘Hakol Over Habibi, Marina Maximilian, Miki Kam, Efrat Gosh, Karolina and others.

Composed and arranged for prime-time television and radio shows, for the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, the Ra’anana Sinfonietta and the Beer Sheva Israel Sinfonietta.

Performed with jazz legends such as Lou Soloff, Joan Barkin, Jeff Berlin, Lou Marini, Sheila Jordan, Iñaki Sandoval, Billy Cobham, Mike Del Pero, Jean Lou Longnon, Frank Amsalem Marius Preda, Anders Bergkrantz and the New York Voices, to name a few.

He was a founding member of the legendary jazz bands ‘Overdraw’, and the ‘Hard Jazz Knights’ and led the jazz quintet ‘The Human Factory’.

Performed in jazz festivals in Germany, South Africa, Switzerland, Hungary, Spain, Azerbaijan, Serbia, and Kazakhstan and throughout Israel.

Released 4 albums and participated in numerous recordings.

Founder and musical director of the International Jaffa Jazz Festival, conductor and musical director of the Tel Aviv Jazz Orchestra, artistic director of the Israeli jazz label ‘Jazz 972’.
Founding member of the prestigious Rimon School of Musi, which he directed, boht as an academic and as a general director for 25 years (1990- 2015)

Amikam is currently the head of the music program for outstanding musicians at ‘Bikurim’ at the Ein Gedi regional high school in the ‘Tamar’ regional council and is an advisor for the Ministry of Education in the field of jazz studies.

Participants share their experiences: